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Online Payment Policy

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Highland Water District charges a convenience fee of $1.90 for using credit or debit cards to pay.

Keep in mind that your payment may not post to your account the day you make it. Sometimes it takes a full business day to post to the bank from the card company.


The District Customers may make partial payments or payments in full to the District by an online process through acceptable debit and credit cards for any debt the customer may owe to the District.

In the event the bank, or other banking entity, credit or debit card company rejects or otherwise does not honor the payment made by the customer and charges the District for the non-payment costs, the District shall assess a penalty to the customer in an amount equal to that charged the District by the entity who charges the District .

In the event a customer intentionally or through negligence or thoughtlessness or poor planning causes three violations of this policy to occur within any twelve (12) month period the District, at its sole discretion, may refuse to accept online payment from the customer violating this policy. The District may also insist on collecting the delinquent amount owed, including any additional fees and cost from the customer in violation of this policy by receiving payment from the customer in cash, money order or bank certified or cashier check.

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