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About Highland Water District

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The Highland Water Association was formed in 1967. Early meetings of interested parties were held to determine a means of bringing potable water into an area northeast of the City of Monroe. Memberships were sold at a cost of $225 to charter members and $400 to new members. The original service area covered 16 square miles and included portions of Fire Districts 3, 5, and 16.

In May of 1996, the Board of Trustees of Highland Water Association began discussions on the benefits of becoming a district. In September 1997, the Association members voted to turn the assets over to a District, when formed. In April 1998, the Association received a favorable vote by the taxpayers within its boundary to become a water district. The first meeting as a District was held on April 2, 1999. Today, the District covers more than 20 square miles serving approximately 3,200 people.

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